Monday, 18 September 2017

Seeing Dots

Imagine that how wide your perceptions are can be measured with dots, as if along a ruler, regularly spaced, moving both left and right directions outward sideways from the focal front point, straight forward. This dot we measure as zero. The next one either side are both numbered one, the next two, and so on. 

A person with very limited perceptions can only see so far, only knows the numbers say up to three or four. There is a limited possible number of patterns, combinations, inside this limited box. A small grid. Even if we connect every dot to every dot within three or four to either side of zero, the circuit is basic and easy to understand. It also becomes possible to understand in theory that going as far as three dots again past the three dots you can see, means an unseen, unknown point beyond the horizon. 

Now compare this grid with a person whose perceptions contain ten or a hundred dots to either side. The number of possible patterns and combinations, rhythms, within this scale of grid is immensely and immeasurably complicated to a person who can only see three or four dots. The entirety of the three dot thinker becomes a very basic cognitive symbol for the hundred dot thinker, one of many such symbols most of which are outside of and beyond the three dot thinkers comprehension.

Alternate Vs Conformity

Abstract and Creative Intelligence vs Dogmatic Fundamentalism

Alternate vs Conformity

Who says it is 'alternate'? Mainstream majority or minority group? This descriptive bias is permeated by the dogmatic fundamentalists, not by those with abstract and creative intelligence.

Nobody is more correct than the other. The ones who are wrong are the ones saying someone is wrong. Opinion can be a factor but it is not absolute truth.

"That your opinion can be proven to be based on a strawman fallacy,
shows that you are irrational." Rational Mentality 

A rational, reasonable and well-balanced mind integrates both left and right, imaginative and logical processes. Anyone with prejudice against the other is not rational and reasonable. Anyone with prejudice against the other is not functioning properly and is mentally imbalanced, is cognitively sick.
I pointed this out to two groups of people.

The fundamentalists laughed and called me crazy and a danger to society. Not to community, to society: which is a very different thing. I am not a member of that society so I do not respect their opinion that my opinion is crazy. I experience no symptoms of insanity per se, which means the fundamentalists are using a strawman argument, thus further proving their disfunction of clarity.

The creatives laughed and generally agreed with the statement. I am a member of that community. We use abstract intelligence to communicate beyond and outside of the limitations of unreasonable logical arguments. This includes empathic awareness for example which rejects emotional and mental abuses along with any infrastructure which supports them.

The responses of these two groups says as much about the overall situation as does the original statement itself.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Finally 'they' are filming Gibson, the news broke like a mind fried on digital drugs under analaesthetic mistreatment of a biopsycop clinical interrogation procedurally generated 64-bit graphic blipfest on an i-ching k'ching torture wheel of life. 'Your time has come' the infoverload splashed to grab your catchy attention whoring borgasm. 

Hi-5 if you did it in one take out the trash with the cat.

And so it calms down to a regular spin wherein the revelation I live in the fucking sprawl. 

Need proof? A pixel tells a hundred words.

© SW Wales Herald 8.9.17 used non-profit for educational purposes within international fair use policy

Top image: local newspaper print and article; the greedy old girls club council are at it again, building shit homes on unsafe terrain for immediate profit now despite so many regulations against it. The bay is Britains most toxic because too much sewage outlets already and most of the development is on the floodplain, raised a few feet by burying bluebag recycling under concrete because its cheaper than actually recycling it. This is Wales for you.

The pixel-tryptic below shows the Sprawl Trilogy umpteenth edition print covers. 

And it is all the same thing. 

No more needs saying.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


I write a lot of notes on a touch-screen tablet. Upload to dropbox, zip into word-processor and make second draft. Novelist in action, productivity pipeline and it sure as hell beats writing on envelopes. The following content is this weeks splurge, extracts from the ongoing themes I process while trying to achieve zen no-mind.

Word Play


Convince. Conviction. Convict.
Slave to a grid of thinking.
Persuaded by manipulation.
left brain centric is not balanced.

Creatives respect the mind functions best when floating free to connect with intuition as a faculty of knowing truth. Spiritual teachings explain intuition to be our direct communion with the divine. Through intuition works god, through intuition we know god. We cannot find it as an external source. That is a power, not a connection with the absolute, with allah (the all being), with galactic harmony.

Truth is not what other people say, that is merely a resonance with truth if it is true speech from intuition as opposed to left brained dogmatic repetition of a grid, of a belief structure, a persuasion or conviction, a slavery to delusion. 

Truth is what actually happened and if what actually happened cannot be fully understood from seeing it from only one angle, we need to see it from multiple angles to know it. The limitations of left brained logic is that small minds can cope only with small grids. To develop a flexible left brain which can overlay multiple grids at once requires the balanced working of the mind where left and right logic and creative are working together. You cannot repress one part of the balanced functioning of the mind and call that 'proper' without losing rationality. 

Incentive. To Entice. Enter into a specific grid way of seeing things. Left brained dogma.
Incent and intent. Innocent. In-no-cent means not-guilt. In-cent means toward guilt. Incentive.
Inattentive lacks attention, focus.
Intentive has focus, attention toward a desired outcome. An agenda. A bias.

Dogma denies that there are associations where you have never previously made associations, denies you making those associations. Yoh reject them because your brain is not hardwired to connect this item with that item. Once you go through the thought process and can see how a links to b links to c that is when you learn a new thing, you gain the pattern and now you can associate it all as a cohesive and acceptable system. It makes sense now. In-sense. Previously it was invisible to you, did not catch, it was in-no-sense. Your education intk a specific thought system makes you more guilty, dirties you. Knowledge of mind takes you away from intuition and connection with divine. You listen to your program-grid instead of flowing free as naturally designed. 

Symbology of fruits of tree of knowledge. 

Pagan: "If you did not teach me it was wrong to be uncivilised, would god still let me into heaven?"
Priest: "Yes of course."
Pagan: "So why in hell did you teach me?"

The system is entirely left brained, a calculus.

Crit Fact


"She believes in opinions as if they are truths.”

The word 'fact' is an abbreviation of factor.

The factors of the case. 
The factors we are basing our approach on. 
The factors of life.

Factors are not truths. 

They are deviations and the causes for deviations away from truth. They are justifications; a word which means not 'plausible excuse' although it is commonly misused to mean that rather than 'to justify' which means to put straight, to amend. 

Here we have a situation where the word invented to mean 'deviate' is regularly assumed to mean 'straighten' which is a terribly alarming factor in our analysis of common misuses of the English language. We can not trust the rationality and indeed sanity of a person who is so manipulative as to be using the word black to mean white. They do this either from ignorance, which proves they are unworthy of respectability; or knowingly, which proves they are unworthy of respectability. 

In an environment where such terminology is so commonly misused the confusion is too dangerous for any wise observer to risk use of these words at all. Any environment which does make use of such words when simpler, cleaner alternatives are available, which they are, does so precisely to perpetuate that confusion. Grey areas provide leverage and coverage for manipulation. These environments are perpetuated by manipulators because were it otherwise, such environments would cease to be exist. They are entirely unecessary for any direct and honest communication.

Next time anybody uses the word 'fact': double-check with them to find out if they know what it means. Nine times out of ten they are using the word as a replacement for the word 'truth' because they have persuaded themself and are seeking to persuade others that a factor (deviate) is a truth. He is true (innocent) except for the factors upon which we build our case against him shows him as untrue (not innocent). Factors realign our perspective thus our perception. 

"If it is not the Truth it is a lie."

A quality police officer will be able to accurately assess the difference between a real factor ('he had blood on his hands') from a fabricated factor ('she said she saw blood on his hands - although her stated opinion has nothing substantial to verify it and it is not evident that he had blood on his hands, it is evident only that she wants us to believe he did'). 

A corrupt police officer will accept opinion as truth even with no evidence and will describe it to be a fact. To express it as follows: "a critical factor is that a witness saw him with blood on his hands" sounds very persuasive especially when stated by somebody in a position of authority. This does not make it a truth. 

When we deconstruct use of language we deconstruct assumed authority. This is not the same as questioning authority. Manipulation is not authority: it is neglect of duty. Doing it knowingly is corruption, it is a criminal offense.



"You are playing a game. Your writing is a mind game.” She said.

In the real world she did not say this directly to the writers face. She explained it to the police who she was attempting to entangle into her game, into her vendetta.

On this occasion the police saw it sensibly for what it was. She made the accusation. She logs into a website of her own choice, which is either cyberstalking because she is obsessive or else she is a fan, albeit a fan with both a grudge and an overwhelmingly huge sense of self importance. The whole world exists to support her control drama. The writers she encounters online exist solely to support her control drama. She is that desperate for attention. The maximum yield for the angry type of attention she requires is to target an online author and attempt to see him into jail. She does not recognize this as a mental health issue.

Yet she exists only in the writers imagination, as a buffer for an idea he is exploring; the writer adds by way of legal disclaimer.

He replies with his truth:

"It has nothing to do with you. If you want me to use you as inspiration for a character in my fiction novels, I will consider it. That you clearly believe everything I write is aimed directly at you personally proves two things. One about you and one about the writing. About the writing, it is of a type which people relate directly to, they clearly find it relevant to their own life situation. This is a very good thing and positive feedback for any writer who aims to succeed at that goal. The technique is because I ‘tell it as it is’, with no bullshit.”

After a very short pause he adds: “Well perhaps a little bit of bullshit which is necessary because am not writing bullet-points, I am writing script. It is a different style where some level of characterization and a lot of proper grammar is necessary. As far as getting the point across, such things are bullshit. As far as being approved by literary circles, they are important, so we are told by those literary circles. I resent having to please them to the detriment of my intended purpose, yet as I explained I am not writing bullet-points.” 

He pauses for breathe, to contemplate the irrelevance of his previous paragraph to the overall nature of the manuscript and yet at the same time that he opportunity given by the flow of the story to include it here makes it worth doing, despite it complicating the nature of the text. The pause was also useful to allow the information to sink into his bored listeners mind. Being of her technologically attention-stunted generation with very little patience and inability to integrate long tracts of information in a single sitting, she had already switched off. He knew this speech would be transmitted into text and while on a roll with expressing himself he continued anyway for the purpose of posterity. Fully answering the points he had raised, the main bulk of the diatribe’s intention.

“Secondly, it says about you that you are a sociopath who cannot tell the difference between where yourself ends and the external world begins. You have identified with this writing but can not or will not accept that it is not written directly about you, nor for you to the exclusion of all of other people. It is written for whoever reads and enjoys it. If that is a one-to-one relationship between text and reader, that is a good thing. If that is a one-to-one relationship between stranger and author, that is a different thing entirely. You opened the book. You opened the gate. It is your choice for which you are responsible. I did not ask you to read my text. You chose to do that. The text is not the author and you very much must learn that to be a true and real thing. The characters are fictional, they are not the personality and beliefs of the writer. They do not represent the personality and beliefs of the author. If you can not separate those things you need to get help from a qualified mental health professional.”

Her glazed and inattentive eyes were awoken mildly by his reference to her mental state. She was still too dulled from being spoken at incessantly to make any sort of quick response and he recognised she was effectively in some sort of trance state, digesting some of what he had been speaking about even while he was bombarding her with more dialogue. He was on a roll and finding it hard to stop.

“Writing is my form of counseling, I do it to get these thoughts out of me so that my mind is empty and free simply to float and perceive sensations other than an onslaught of words which pour through it. Through and not from. These fluctuating rhythms are assigned meaning by the collective. Whatever form of communication that results in toward a readership of hundreds of people. I hesitate to use the word fans but they do come back for more and some of them such as yourself even blow air around. Unfortunately for me the only ones who ever contact me directly tend to be sociopaths who believe I am writing for them personally. It happens every few years, I get a psycho-fan who wants to dominate and control me in some way. Some of them sexually, some of them legally, some of them a mixture of both. Some simply want to control what I write about, to seize the helm of my creativity because they are too damaged to acknowledge their own. The possibility of money does have to do with it, these are usually industry people who want me to re-write something so they can sell it for a cut in the profits.”

Mention of money and profits caused her to look directly at him. She was interested now and glad that she had not interrupted him before he had mentioned this. She was still in slow-motion from the effort of thinking about what he was saying and so it is possible that it was mention of sex and control which had caused her to awaken slightly. At any rate their eyes caught at this moment, his explaining that his manuscripts were sometimes deemed profitably publishable by literary experts.

“All of this experience does affect my writing because I write about events in my life. I write about it in my own way of expressing it. It does not intentionally relate directly to any one specific person. Although so many people have felt it does, this says a lot about the nature of some people and about the type of writing it is. Whatever energy I am attempting to convey or is being conveyed through me. Such readers not only are extremely self-obsessive but also generally obsessive. They target those things and people which resonate to their energy-control-drama and whatever power-games they want to play with other people, people who are nothing to do with them."

It is a long, well thought out response explaining exactly what I feel is occurring here.

She blinks a few times and does not answer. There isn’t really an answer because there was never a question. 

Mixing Greys


Bringing more spiritually pure people down to their dirty level to feel better about themselves, to satisfy their superiority complex, to enlighten themselves through piracy and manipulation.

White paint mixes with white paint, both paints now white. Grey paint mixes with grey paint, both paints now grey. People become grey when they get stained toward black by doing dirty things, holding onto dirty mentalities and emotions. Grey people resonate better with grey people who are not so different from them. They mistake this affinity as 'truth' and reject anyone not the same grey as themselves. Its a subconscious awareness of energy spectrums, 'like goes with like'. We call it resonance. They match they fit they are the same thing. When a grey wants to become more white it finds a white to mix with, to take some of the whites purity, its lightness. The consequence is the white becomes stained with the greys dirtiness. Both end up a pale shade of grey, for the grey it is uplifting and for the white it is degrading. Grey wants whites purity. This is why empaths are attracted to narcopaths. It is a different version of gold-digger and why women '' (partner with those of higher social scale).

Where the court system is concerned, everyone involved is dirty because they rub shoulders with dirty people. Police, judges, solicitors, wrong-doers, all sit in rooms with . I have been careful not to use the word 'criminal' in that sentence. This is because crime is not necessarily wrong-doing. The black woman who sits in the white section of the bus is not a criminal, she is a hero, despite what legislation says, despite the idiom used by the law society within their workplace. Crime and grime. We can call them griminals because they have been stained by the judgement of grey people and their involvement with such places and paradigms. It is all about context and manipulation, in which truth is the first victim. Where nobody resonates with truth, someone who does, stands out and is persecuted because grey people want to repress purity so as to take some of it for themselves. Judges do not resonate with truth, they resonate with the clockwork mechanic of the legal system which as we have seen is itself dirty. They are not ipso facto respectable, as their position is fear-based rather than spiritually respectful. That is called tyranny, not purity. People do not like the truth if it offends their sensibilities at which time we question their motives and egotism, because if you do not resonate with truth then by default you resonate with lies. Calling a shovel a shovel is being truthful even if the person wielding the shovel says that is an offensive statement because of shovelism. No offence is intended here and the original intent is what makes the different.

To manipulate a white so as to appear to society to be more white yourself does not make you more white, it makes you a dirtier tone of grey. Because people can see the whole situation for what it is. They can see through it. A lot of people who live in fear have confused the fear of tyranny of the law society with purity and are afraid to analyse it the what we have done here. Those people are mentally impaired.

In none of this text have I encouraged criminal activities. The reference to a need for law reform based on individuals standing up against social injustice as representatives of minority groups does have historic precedence. If a legal statute is inhumane, or an inhuman application of it occurs due to wilful manipulation, it shows that the system supporting it is against humanity, it is corrupt.

People make a choice whether they are agent for the corrupt system or agent for truth. A choice between the journey toward becoming a white through the natural and humane processes, or becoming stained and resonating with other corrupt people. Most people conform to the pressure of the corruption believing it will give them an easier life. It is how atrocities are perpetuated. Those who did not stand up against it are culpable. Nurenberg Trials as historic precedent.

Monday, 4 September 2017



They [think/believe] 
They [want/need] that
They [are/were] told
They [think/want/need] that

Despite complexity of versatile language, the block components of the statement (above) and its described thought processes are data-chunks conforming to the very basic grid program of cognition. The above data-chains are descriptors matching the following command series:  

WHO - WHAT - WHAT (item)
WHO - WHAT - WHAT (item)

Programmer does this bit: (input)

WHO : target followers (people) =  'They'
WHAT : desire (to function / progress) (item)
WHY : instruction (told) (because)

target followers (people) do this bit: (response output)

WHERE : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)
WHEN : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)
HOW : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)

This is insect level reflexive functioning.
It has no critical thought beyond that required to comprehend 
conveyed instructions and to carry out instructions.

This is how an ant hive functions.
It is also how a social system functions.

A human being who is defined as such by actively being human (adjective noun) questions the instructions and questions the validity of carrying out that activity and of furthering that thought process.

"Is it worth the bother and what is in it for me?"

To reply to those questions with 'because I was told to' is a cyclic/circular argument which fails the individual as an evolving entity capable of autonomous integrity.
Is it possible that we are not here to evolve?
Is it possible we are a slave caste rules by a slave caste
We do not even recognize it because we have lost the ability to think critically?

"To what purpose do I function?"

Why are you asking another person to what purpose they function?

Ask it of yourself.

©2017 Ordo Octopia

style vibe 46

" vibes never go out of fashion." 

-notes & quotes from BTEC National Diploma course in prep for fashion industry

 These two soundscapes together, are the same thing:


 An understated yet oddly affecting sci-fi romance 
which offers a glimpse of a disturbing and all-too-credible future.

Transvision Vamp - Halo Jones

(inspired by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson graphic novel) 

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Sunday, 27 August 2017



contemplate these phonemes
lineage as metric


"words resulting in a temporary feeling controlling belief and action"

In ancient Assyria the word for this was En (source), applied to a boss who instructed others.

(to program a “the/thoth/thought/taught/knowledge/meme” at/toward) hence ‘enter’ (into).

The recipient was called the “Me” (yes you are one of them), although we now at the 21st millennium use the word ‘meme’ in a more vague and generalised way to refer to any concept / instruction / mental programming of an idea.

“The deity Thoth instructed Humanity from one of his thousands of books of knowledge of all things.” (translated from Egyptian temple carving)

As things became more complicated we had to develop more words and versions, deviations of primitive components for concepts, to really explain with precision that which we attempt to impart. The language developed. Fluctuations of variably pronounced vowels make this major differentiation in our interpretation of Egyptian temple carvings.

The Zen philosophy of No Mind is the instruction of a method of how to function not from mental programming of concepts and ideas but simply to just be. It developed as a counter-measure to being programmed/instructed by Masters to whom we were ignorant Slaves. Neither is it the primal animal state of impulse (id & super-ego) based reactionary non-awareness (intuition with no self-awareness). Zen No-Mind IS awareness, this is a crucial item to understand. It is awareness without socio-cultural programming. At all. The levels of it range from simply not responding to whatever cult terminology is currently being used for purposes of social engineering, to liberation from all labels at all including the naming of individuals and objects. This state of perception is freedom, the word used to describe it in Buddhism is Nirvana (liberation). A person who attains this cannot be controlled and thus is a danger to the En who resides as governance of slave citizens (cited / citified / urbanized / domesticated “zens”); Z/en like striking a line through it to indicate the ascension).

After Ur (Us, we; humans. The incent is the concept ‘us who error thus seek’): Babylon City (baba-li the coming of two into one to create a new line li-ne, a  fertility culture) is famous for an event where the original Bosses and their social system fell apart because humans rebelled and created our own version of the babble in which we: 1 rebelled against their authority and created our own with Human leaders instead of Gods as the En. 2 made more complicated terminology for more abstract concepts which took us outside of the scope of the original Gods En.

Enki and Enlil which mean: Originator of Ki/Qi/Chi (dna) and deviation/mutation (Lilith, the knowledge (th) of shadow-line (lili). This means ‘that which flows/follows’ rather than ‘evil’ which is associated with shadow in modern bias. Shadow is ‘that which we cast’ as a projection toward the future (“the most beautiful light radiated from the source” is written in Hebrew as ‘Lucifer (illumination) was cast out from heaven’).

Enki and Enlil. Those were our creators / are the two necessary strands of our genetic coding (yin & yang) (light and shadow cast) (polarities within which complexity and diversity). We started evolving outside of the original pattern of being a slave species. How much of this is literal and how much is metaphor for the divergence of our genetic form? The words mean both things and it depends entirely on how we translate them as literal (li) or theme (th). Pun intended.

Here we recognize Shadow and Light as the same entity because their interchangeable nature perpetuates time-in-mass (manifestation), the phoneme ‘Ne ‘means ‘manifestation into the world’ is often used as a -suffix (as in ‘line’) although it also can be used as an affix- (as in ‘negotiate’). Vaguely it means 'path'. The alphanumeric symbol is the depiction of a straight line toward the horizon (the third mark) as seen from a mountain peak. Observe it relates to the symbol for 'Ze'.

The head of a snake and the tail which follows. The light (source) and the shadow cast (follows as manifestation).

©2017 Ordo Octopia

Friday, 25 August 2017




the technical word for 

(as urban environment) 

is clonopolis


inspired by:

RPG's: Paranoia, Confrontation / Necromunda, SLA Industries, KULT,

Literature: 1984 (George Orwell), Brave New World (Aldous Huxley), Overworld (Michael Vyse),

Movies: Metropolis, Salute of the Jugger, Logans Run, THX-1138, Escape from LA, Warriors, Mad Max, Cloud Atlas, 


001.1 : awakening

You awaken in a military-grey panel walled room which has spray-stencilled above its door in renfrew typeface the same digit code as is tattooed on the inside of your forearm between your elbow and wrist.

The room is simple:
To the left of the door is your plastic covered mattress (also military-grey). You are sitting on it. The room is the length of the mattress. One edge of the mattress touches the left wall. Beneath the mattress is a paneled front approximately two feet high.
To the right of the door is a large white rectangular plastic display screen taking up most of the wall space. It glows gently, this is the main source of light for the room.
Opposite the closed door is an doorway which leads into a square cubicle with a grill on the floor. Either side of this doorway, set into the walls and with the same depth as the cubicle, are empty shelves. Two on the wall next to the bed, five on the opposite side.
There is a light panel overhead, this is currently off. Above the cubicle door is a little black rubber triangle with a little red dot of light glowing in its center, a mini-LED. It is identical to one in the palm of your left hand except that it is active; the one in your palm is inert (not glowing).
You are wearing military-grey coveralls. There is nobody else in the room.
You run your right hand over your head. Your hair is very short (number one shave). You discover a small rectangular port in the back of your head (USB). There does not appear to be anything to plug into it.
After a moment in which you assimilate all of the above information, the display screen flickers to life and in the same typeface it states the following message:
“welcome (your serial code). 
please report to a booth for evaluation and assignment debriefing.” 

You have no memory whatsoever of any event leading up to this present moment, although you vaguely recall dreaming about an Eiffel Tower perched above a gaping, monstrous, saalak-like mouth.

The question you should be asking, is: “What do I do now?” 


001.2 : booth

A privacy Booth is a discrete interface with Computer. It is a military-grey tube with an auto-sliding door on one side. The interior consists of a military-grey plastic seat which faces a softly glowing white panel display screen on which is displayed the words “you may request information”. Below this is a paper-thin slot the width of your hand. Above it is a black rubber triangle with a glowing red light in its center. Overhead is a deadly looking metal nozzle. There is also a black rubber cable dangling down at the back of the seat which has a USB plug on the end of it. Somebody has blocked the end of this with musty-tangy scented, hardened grey gum; the same hardened grey gum which has been pressed all over the interior of the booth in little thumb-print sized lumps causing the booth interior to smell of the same musty-tangy scent. It makes you feel slightly nauseous.

You step into the booth. The screen display says: 

“welcome (your serial code). respond to following mandatory data input.”

Psyche Evaluation Form
001 - Persona

Multiple Option:
There is no right or wrong answer.
You will not be penalised.
This form is to ensure proper assignment of duties.
It is for your own good.
Be honest.

Choose between the following polarities:

FOCUS = introvert / extrovert
SERVICE = selfish / altruistic
ATTITUDE = controlling / permissive
ENERGETIC = lazy / pro-active
COMPLEXITY = primitive / advanced

If you cannot decide appropriate polarity (one or the other), choose alternate options;
flexible (switch variably between both polarities)
balanced (equally positioned as static, non-variable between the polarities)

“congratulations for input of data regarding (your serial code).

relevant assignment will follow shortly.
make way to debriefing room.”  

As you leave the booth your stomach rumbles; you realise that your body is hungry.

Next to the booth is a wall-mounted military-grey vending machine with the word GUM stencil-sprayed on it in white letters. It has a little black rubber triangle and glowing red mini-LED in its center and a letterbox sized slot at the bottom large enough to fit your hand into.

On the back of the booth is a poster advertising a thing called CAP. It shows a picture of a black triangle with a red mini-LED in its center. Strangely the little black triangle in the poster is pointing upward; all the ones you have seen so far have been pointing down and are more cheaply mass-produced than the pretty poster version. The picture shows a touch-operated interactive holographic display emitted from the mini-LED on the palm of someone’s hand. The one on your hand is currently not glowing nor is it emitting holograms. It is inert.  



©2017 Ordo Octopia

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Nickelback- S.E.X.

Games People Play

The Psychology of Human Relationships

byEric Berne, MD


Some games are played to exploit or fight off sexual impulses. These are all, in effect, perversions of the sexual instincts in which the satisfaction is displaced from the sexual act to the crucial transactions which constitute the payoff of the game. This cannot always be demonstrated convincingly, because such games are usually played in privacy, so that clinical information about them has to be obtained second-hand, and the informants bias cannot always be satisfactorily evaluated. The psychiatric conception of homosexuality, for example, is heavily skewed, because the more aggressive and successful ‘players’ do not often come for psychiatric treatment, and the available material mostly concerns the passive partners.


Heterosexual perversions such as fetishism, sadism and masochism are symptomatic of a confused Child and are treated accordingly. Their transactional aspects, however, as manifested in actual sexual situations, can be dealt with by means of game analysis. This may lead to social control, so that even if the warped sexual impulses remain unchanged, they are neutralised as far as actual indulgence is concerned.


This game is played between a man and a woman which might more politely be called, in the milder forms at least, ‘kiss off’ or ’indignation’. It may be played with varying degrees of intensity.

1. First-Degree ‘Rapo’, or ‘Kiss Off’, is popular at social gatherings and consists essentially of mild flirtation. White signals that she is available and get her pleasure from the mans pursuit. As soon as he has committed himself, the game is over. If she is polite, she may say quite frankly ” I appreciate your compliments and thank you very much”, and move onto the next conquest. If she is less generous, she may simply leave him. A skilful player can make this game last for a long time at a large social gathering by moving around frequently, so that the man has to carry out complicated manoeuvres in order to follow her without being too obvious.

2. In Second-Degree ‘Rapo’, or ‘Indignation’, White gets only secondary satisfaction from Black’s advances. Her primary gratification comes from rejecting him, so that this game is also colloquially known as ‘Buzz Off, Buster’. She leads Black into a much more serious commitment than the mild flirtation of the first degree ‘Rapo’ and enjoys watching his discomfiture when she repulses him. Black, of course is not as helpless as he seems, and may have gone to considerable trouble to get himself involved. Usually he is playing some variation of ‘Kick me’.

3. Third-Degree ‘Rapo’ is a vicious game which ends in murder, suicide or the courtroom. Here, White leads Black into compromising physical contact and then claims that he has made a criminal assault or has done her irreparable damage. In its most cynical form White may actually allow him to complete the sexual act so that she gets enjoyment before confronting him. The confrontation may be immediate, as in the illegitimate cry of rape, or it may be long delayed, as in suicide or homicide following a prolonged love affair. If she chooses to play it as a criminal assault, she may have no difficulty in finding mercenary or morbidly interested allies, such as the press, the police, counsellors and relatives. Sometimes, however, these outsiders may cynically turn on her, so that she loses the initiative and becomes a tool in their games.

In some cases outsiders perform different function. They force the game on an unwilling White because they want to play ‘Let’s You And Him Fight’. They put her in such a position that in order to save her face or her reputation she has to cry rape. This is particularly apt to happen girls under the legal age of consent; they may be quite willing to continue a liaison, but because it is discovered or made an issue of, they feel constrained to turn the romance into a game of Third-Degree ‘Rapo’.

In one well-known situation, the wary Joseph refused to be inveigled into a game of ‘Rapo’, whereupon Potiphar’s wife made the classical switch into ‘Let’s You And Him Fight’, an excellent example of the way a hard player reacts to antithesis, and of the danger that beset people who refuse to play games. These two games are combined in the well-known ‘Badger Game’, in which the woman seduces Black and then cries rape, at which point her husband takes charge and abuses Black for the purpose of blackmail.

One of the most unfortunate and acute forms of Third-Degree ‘Rapo’ occurs relatively frequently between homosexual strangers, who in a matter of an hour or so may bring the game to a point of homicide. The cynical and criminal variations of this game contribute a large volume to sensational newspaper copy.

The childhood prototype of ‘Rapo’ is the same as that of ‘Frigid Woman’, in which the little girl induces the boy to humiliate himself or get dirty and then sneers at him, as classically described by Maugham in Of Human Bondage and by Dickens in Great Expectations. This is Second Degree. A harder form, approaching Third-Degree may be played in tough neighbourhoods.

The man's ability to avoid becoming involved in this game or to keep it under control depends on his capacity to distinguish genuine expressions of feeling from moves in the game. If he is thus able to exert social control, he maintained a great deal of pleasure from the mild flirtations of ‘Kiss Off’. On the other hand it is difficult to conceive of a safe antithesis to the Potiphar's wife manoeuvre, other than checking out before closing time with no forwarding address.

The male versions of ‘Rapo’ are notoriously found in commercial situations: ‘Casting Couch’ (and then she didn't get the part)’ and ‘Cuddle Up’ (and then she got fired).

The following analysis refers to Third-Degree ‘Rapo’ because there the elements of the game are more dramatically illustrated.

Aim: malicious revenge.
Roles: seductress, wolf.
Dynamics (Third-Degree): penis envy, oral violence. ‘Kiss Off’ is phallic, while ‘Indignation’ has strong anal elements.
Examples: (1) I’ll tell on you, you dirty little boy. (2) Wronged woman.
Social Paradigm: Adult-Adult.
Adult (male): “I'm sorry if I went further than you intended to.”
Adult (female): “You have violated me and must pay the full penalty.”
Psychological Paradigm: Child-Child.
Child (male): “See how irresistible I am.”
Child (female): “Now I've got you, you son of bitch.”
(1) female: seduction; male: counter-seduction.
(2) female: surrender; male: victory.
(3) female: confrontation; male: collapse.
(1) internal psychological - expression of hatred and projection of guilt.
(2) external psychological - avoidance of the emotional sexual intimacy.
(3) internal social - ‘Now I’ve Got You, You Son Of A Bitch’.
(4) external social - ‘Ain’t It Awful’, ‘Courtroom’, ‘Let’s You And Him Fight’.
(5) biological - sexual and belligerent exchanges.
(6) existential - I am blameless.

Friday, 18 August 2017

harem pants

Remembering past discussions with Rachel "Dolphindark" Bree about future fashion, cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk ("ww3 will be fought with sticks and stones" mad max / salute of the juggers aesthetic. At one time she connived her way into being the official 'project: tRust franchise visual artist / fashion designer' which gave her access to the company computer. Six months later she had invested heavily into roleplaying her character Velcro on SecondLife VR and not so much into the fashion design, although when we took her upon it she inarguably made a lot of sense (she usually does) and showed us some concepts which we would love to develop as a clothing range, if ever given the budget to go into commercial production. Her sketchbook is worth its weight in imagination although she paid it split lip service with her evil blog. Meanwhile here is the inspiration splashpage for project: tRust on pinterest.  

Today I finally had enough of uncomfortable chav tracksuit bottoms which I lounge around the house in and looked up some harem/yoga pants for men on the internet. They cost a fucking fortune for what they are. So: back to basics with an old sheet from a charity shop and determination, discovering that with 4 knots and the right folds you can make your own pirate style harem pants for two pounds fifty (two euro's / two dollars) approx. They are a perfect fit, feel great, sucks that they are cotton and polyester mix rather than 100% cotton though. No cutting and sewing necessary at all.

The whole point of fashion in tRust is that it expands on the use of cytex as a fabric for clothes. The stuff is plastic-pvc-rubber-tyre type material in a variety of densities and flexi-abilities. It is dissolvable which is why most tRust fashion is basically a skin-suit applied by spraying it onto your body, and removed by stepping through a decontamist (decontamination mist) portal, which is not too different from an x-ray machine at an air-port and doubles as a chemical-shower for killing off any unwanted bacteria you might happen to have picked up on your travels. Assuming fresh sprayon clothing is applied the same way in the next chamber.

Basically the purpose of having such a way of living is that it makes life much easier for everyone, the time and energy invested into the ergometric nightmare of putting on and taking off layers of clothes is liberated. So it stands to reason that for our culture where cytex is as yet univented and/or ridiculously expensive, far too much to make clothes from yet, we have to do the next best thing. Custom made harem/yoga pants tied at the hip and ankle from an old bedsheet is perfect. Except for the cheap synthetic mix and the colour not actually being black. Hey it's non-black it means disposable in case I had to chop into it with shears. 

Ten minutes of figuring out how to fold it and a whole minute of tying knots. Next time will be quicker. Contemplating cutting off the corners where there is a lot of waste fabric, and sewing a strip of thread down the outside of each leg - or an insert from another fabric. Or doing that without cutting off the excess for a flash of colur beneath raggedy looking flappy bits. These are highly comfortable. 

It is not everybodies aesthetic. As I was working a couple of neighbours happened to walk past and look in through the window through the holes one of the neighbours cats scragged in the netting when it got stuck in here and freaked out last week.*  They said "oh my god"  and "seen it all now" simply because I was wrapping a sheet around my waist with safety pins in my mouth. To these people my creative activities in pursuit of comfort is like an alien planet. They assume me to be gay and therefore to be laughed about and avoided. I repeat, I feel comfortable as fuck and this costume cost me less than half a litre of grog they are damaging their internal organs with in the local pub tonight.

Would I wear these outside the house? Not around here. The version 3 of these designs though, cut to specific shape and sewed properly on a machine, looking professional, black of course, dylon dyed from the remnants of thin canvas combat trousers I have in a bag ready to do something with, with pockets and buckles in all the right places, are going to be selling for a small fortune on etsy before fall. tRust official clothing line logo doubles the price you see, its all in that hand-made, designer logo and the fact I know what I'm doing - even without Dolphindarks help. She's still living it up off-grid somewhere in Europe. Neighbours can laugh as much as they like, it's not stopping me from cashing in on style which they can't afford. 

*Cat scragged netting soon to be converted into frilly knickers for bobafets illegitimate daughter.

Meanwhile here's some copyright promo art from the new 2017 re-release of Games Workshop Necromunda used without consent non-profit for educational purposes within international fair use policy. And something else anonymously cool I found on google.

Incidentally found this during a google search: cytex on soundscape (nothing to do with Ordo Octopia) This is music how we like music. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

I switched off because I was fed up of fighting a defensive position, against playing roles in other peoples drama, in which they needed me to be a bad guy to justify their bid for social support amongst people who did not question their motives & integrity, people who accepted their games as the reality. When someone dominates a narrative, the people worth relating with are those who question that narrative as being definitive. Today when people lie to my face because they have sided with another liar, and I can see through all this, I tell them, you are lying to me because you are a zombie. And what upsets them is not that they perceive my statement as an insult, but because they perceive it as the truth. I have ability to hold mirrors up to people face. Why would I choose to hide behind their face when I can wear my naked skull?

So I dedicated a lot of time to the contemplation of “Keeping the Peace” as justification of lies. I can not respect a liar. I barely accept those who cannot tell the difference between truth and lies and assume ‘what they have been told’ is the truth. It is a mental health dis-order called Cognitive Dissonance / Disbelief Syndrome. So many people suffer this and can end it easily by aligning themselves with Truth. The foundation of spirituality is “to see truth you have to be truth”.

Why would you respect a person who knowingly lies to you? It is abuse because it is attempt to mentally impair them, to deviate their cognitive function away from truth. They certainly do not respect you enough to create an honest world between you. Why would you knowingly create a dishonest world whenever you are in a situation to? Is it because you perceive that the liar has more power than you, so you enable and endorse that? You can depower them so easily by exposing, confronting and reprimanding them.

The conclusion I have come to in the situation above is that for those people who lie and create zombies, for personal empowerment for which we historically use the word ‘liche’ (“leech” and “leige”), or under the justification that they lie to keep the peace, both require that the person who has been lied about, the victim of the slander, one who has less influence amongst the zombie horde because they avoid and dump hate onto the target, should exist with less peace. So it is untrue that lies keep the peace. It creates stress and pins it onto the victim.

The victim has three choices. These are the three worlds within the victims power to manifest.

One: (inaction) accept the situation and let them think whatever they want, because they are zombies they are incapable of clarity of thought anyway. This is to endorse the slander and be a party to it.  Remain identified as “victim”.

Two: (action) protest and attempt to win zombies over to the truth by telling the other side of the story which they have never asked to hear because they are zombies. Discredit the liars. Refute being ‘victim’ yet perpetuate war instead of bringing peace. Justified by; truth and understanding within a community which has been perverted by lies.

Three: (ascension) rise above the whole situation, detach, and known that aligning with truth means to rise above the dirt in which the zombies wallow, to attain a spiritual purity which liches cannot even see. Let them rot in their own deceptions and illusions.

In terms of transactional analysis it look like this:

adult - adult = truth - truth
parent - child = liar - zombie
child - child = zombie - zombie

“Grown-ups can handle the truth”
and the famous retort: “Why do you lie to your children?” (Your duty is to support them to survive in adult life.)

“All this will be for nothing. We will have been for nothing. Defined by their histories, distorted to fit into their narrative. Until all that is left of us are the monsters in the stories they tell their children.”
Captain Flint, Black Sails

Thursday, 3 August 2017


"If and when you feel rage, if you would only give yourself some time, some spiritual food, if you will do that for yourself, if you will abridge your rage with that spiritual food, eventually everything will calm down and will be fine. You will be able to move ahead and that time of rage will be over. The idea of forgiveness. Womens rage often comes from their family of origin situation, sometimes it comes from adult trauma too, that is less common. For instance a woman who has had a mate who has been tremendously abusive. That is less common because usually people who have not abused as children will not stay for a minute with a mate who abuses them. So the adult trauma is less common. Regardless of where the trauma ocurs, something has to happen, to recognise, it, to bless it, to contain it and to leave it."  Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves

Blame Shifting.
Often the ones perusading you to leave the perceived abuser (the target), are abusers who do not want to let you go (the cult, who extrapolate your energy). Often the target is a liberator who the peer group resent.

She doesn't know what to do. So she will do whatever the next person she speaks with who she trusts tells her to do. That is how she is. Manipulable. So, I told her to ignore everyone else and trust her own intuition. Everybody else in her life is giving her various versions of ignore me and avoid me. Because I am a threat to their control over her. They are all caught in energy games. As an outsider-observer I can see this clearly for what it is. Because she is coming from a culture of control-games, that is normal to her, she will entangle me in them too if she has a chance to. I prefer to keep my life clean. I trust my own intuition. It helps more than other peoples advice ever does.

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Modern Writing 201X

Modern Writing 201X

We are the millenial teens. At time of writing the internet is over thirty years old although it is closer to half that since 'the great transition' occurred. Before, older generation cursed daily about computers taking over everything while younger generation wanted what they saw daily on cyberpunk shows. After, your mobile has wifi and everyone above the average age of ten has cellphones. Facebook and youtube are yesterdays television and the cybermen are asking now it has happened why tv brainwash devices taking over society was ever a concern anyway.

As a writer I observe how it affects our use of language. We ignore those around us so we do not develop spoken verbal skills and we text continuously. Emoticons and txt tlk was an annoying fad until its practicality was accepted and assimilated.

Scientists monitoring dolphin speech have announced that their language has changed because of noise pollution. They used to sing complicated communications however the increasingly distracting distortions of mechanical human interventions into their ocean has within a generation caused dolphins to adopt abrupt direct commands rather than eloquent prose of their parents and ancestors. How this relates to attention span in dolphins is more difficult to measure. The relationship between attention span and prose in human society is, and that is precisely what this blog is about.

I grew up reading the master of psychological science fiction Philip K Dick whose work stands out even within its genre, many argue that he is a cornerstone foundation of it. Despite this during his own lifetime he had the FBI on his back during paranoid yet 'drug-subculture the hidden mainstream' McCarthy years whose government and spy networks remensicent of KGB informants regarded PKDs work to be subvertive to the American Way Of Life. Dicks writing broke every rule in the academic text manuals for professional writers. He is a bestseller, they are not. The divergance between what people actually want and resonate with, compared with what the state tell us is what we should prefer, is not small.

For ten years I wrote by hand into notepads until my hands were, and still are, calloused from holding pens. In 2008 I got my first computer. My writing speed is like my IQ in the top one percentile which immediately marks me as an outsider whose mind is different and whose ways are strange. This does not itself make me a better writer, indeed when the common average is closer to the lowest common denominator than it is to how I routinely associate datum, it actively works against me. Thus I do not socialize, thus I do not converse, thus I spend a lot of time on facebook and blogging instead of working on my novels or drinking in the pub. For ten years I have been doing this.

Positive feedback regarding my style is unanimously that it is direct ("Tell it as it is") and "streams of consciousness writing". People used to the fiddly method of typing into a portable pocket sized machine with buttons sized for children are in agreement that messages should be kept short. I habitually compose multi-paragraph messages while keeping my bored text companion waiting and then the onslaught of excess wordage puts them off. If a sentence has more than ten words it is too long. We want it now and we want it concise. We want it in language we know what it means. I used to read thesaurus and dictionaries as a hobby yet most people can't spell dictionary and don't know what a thesaurus is, "Is it a type of dinosaur?" "Yes, apparently so."

It is the fault of evolution, progressive technological evolution, and not literature teachers, that practicality wins over complexity every time. This decade Agatha Christies novels have been re-written to simplify the stories because the next generation find them too complicated in their original form. We should be alarmed about this.

The word count of this blog is already extending beyond the comfort zone of most blog readers. The readers patience is lacking the faculty to assimilate that everything written so far is a preface to contextualise the main bulk of the manuscript. Lucky for you the rest of it is written in psychemotional feelies and not words at all. Enjoy.

As a reader I can only cope with writing which flows the way my mind flows. If writing flows differently, contrary to my natural rhythm, I cannot assimilate it. Instead of seeing the pictures of the described scene in my minds eye, I see bricks and concrete, a wall, impenetrable, words which do not make sense when put next to each other in that order. It is not my failing as an intelligent person that I cannot break through beyond it.

I experiment with this, my nature as an inquisitive book elf wanting to learn what everything is and does and how it all fits together, and my experiments so far have showed me psychedelic levels of reasoning. When I first read a popular kids series about a boy in wizard school I got three pages in and quit because it gave me a headache. I recall reading only block structure, paragraph word count, shapes of sentences depicted numerically, I was reading the matrix, numbers stacked. There was no story. I observed her magic was use of prime numbers in sequence throughout the text. Next time I read this ten years later to my son before bedtime and i saw none of that gridwork. We were excited to journey together through magical events and descriptions cleverly connived to a holistic and believable living world which developed as the story progressed, the characters very much affecting their environment. Even the easy cliches are alive.

Mindset. Analytical mode vs suspension of disbelief. Acceptance of luxuriating in absorbing descriptive detail (it truly does not matter what colour socks the wizard wears, so why bother describing it?) vs the gridwork which holds it all together in such a way that the story 'is right', in this case not only as a story but as a cultural icon, a social imprint which spans several generations, a true classic. That gridwork is a powerful weave regardless what colour socks the wizard was wearing. Mindset is about one mode vs the other. Mindset is also about accepting the character because his socks are the same colour as my socks, vs not accepting the character because "I dont like socks daddy, they make my feet squeezed and they can't breathe". My kids feet need to breathe. This outweighs what literary experts tell us about the perfectionism of a piece. She was rejected by over a dozen literary experts before someone took a risk and now the author is a multmillionaire and has entertained literally millions of people of all ages all over the world. Here is to the kids who don't listen because their feet cant breathe.




I write from the perception of a counsellor concerned with the impact social engineering employed to divide-and-control which creates an imbalance in society, resulting in the destruction of community, to provide leverage for further exploitation of individuals. If you are an individual this is directly relevant to you.

“Gray Rock” is a technique promoted by fifth-wave feminists * following third-wave principles.

third wave is anti-male, female supremacy strategies.

fourth wave feminism is a rejection of fem-dom and a focus on female related issues.

fifth wave is use of technological communication to manipulate society on a 1-1 and small group basis. This is precisely how cults work. It offers the manipulator a chance to interfere and retreat with no responsibility. It is an ideal situation for Narcissists to enjoy their methods for empowerment-by-control-and-destruction.

Popular within the contemporary communications technology community is the dynamic between Narcissist and Empath. A cultural terminology has emerged expressing our life situations in these terms and it is a method of indoctrination for the purpose of agenda based manipulation. This does not mean there are not cases where it is relevant and useful. It has also unveiled the scope by which manipulation is occurring throughout society to reprogram people to become less empathic and more narcissistic in their behaviour toward each other. Most especially this is aimed at encouraging females to resent males, playing on the foundation of gender based division.

Personally I believe that genders are complimentary, and phrases such as “battle of the sexes” encourage sexism and division. Communities thrive best where there is harmony, not division. The complimentary gender is 50% of the people on this planet. That is unlikely to change simply because of a personal prejudice and encouragement from hardline extremists using com-tech to brainwash a generation.

#GenderlessEquality is not the same thing at all as trans-gender.

Stonewalling And Community

Narcissistic Method

Stonewalling somebody without explaining to them why they are being stonewalled is a method used by narcissists to protect themselves against those who they perceive as narcissists. The result is the target (the one being stonewalled) does not know why the stonewaller is doing it, and assumes them either to be acting irrationally or to be manipulated into acting on misinformation as an attempt to socially isolate the target as a part of a victimisation campaign (Hate Crime by proxy).

Whatever affront the target did to the person doing the stonewalling, is going to be repeated endlessly until somebody points it out to them that a specific aspect of their behaviour was wrong. NB it is not the person, it is the behaviour - these are two distinct and different entities as is taught in childcare. All of us have a social duty and a duty to self to continually improve our behaviour with relation to other people. It helps vastly more when we are aware what behaviour is perceived as wrong, than it does when the target does not know at all.

A person who has been stonewalled with no concept of why, is going to be confused, offended and will not be able to work on improving themselves or recognizing where they might need to improve - if at all.

Anybody encouraging stonewalling with no explanation is actively divide-and-control, is attempting to control the one doing the stonewalling. An intelligent person (A) would question why person B is encouraging them to avoid person C and to put both person A and C into this position.

If you Stonewall somebody for no apparent reason - you are the sociopath.


Empathic Method

Stonewalling somebody after explaining why they are being stonewalled is a method used by empaths concerned with improving the social conditions we all experience. It establishes a dynamic by which healing can develop and progress can be made within the community. The target can work on the problem because the target knows what the problem is. It also exposes where stonewalling is a reaction to misperception or as result of manipulation of the stonewaller by a third party.

If the target (the person being stonewalled) asks “Why am I being stonewalled” this immediately indicates that the target does not understand and cares enough to want to fix the situation.

StoneWall As Abuse Tactic

Stonewalling is an abusive technique. If you need time out from your relationship, you state that you need time out. If the partner ignores that then stonewalling may become necessary. Stonewalling is the abrupt and final end of a relationship.

To stonewall somebody for a perceived sleight without explaining the problem or for no serious reason at all is the methodology of a narcissist who has decided to drop one of their sources of energy (“supply”). There is only one reason a narcissist would do this; self protection, to avoid exposure. Discredition of the threat is a standard reaction. "I had to stonewall him/her poor me!" solicits sympathy by way of securing new supply. 

A full exploration of how humans use each other as sources of energy can be found in The Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne. Make it the next book you read. It is easy to understand the principles and strategies which develop for purpose of energy supply. It is as relevant today as ever, although the use of modern communications technologies has given us a different arena and the emergence of different strategies (see fifth-wave feminism).

My Experience of StoneWall

I have both stonewalled people and been stonewalled by them. The Block function on facebook is stonewalling. It is useful to avoid any unwanted attention from abusers. People who I have been stonewalled by, who later explained their justification for doing so fall into three categories:

- genuinely had a good reason (fortunately I have had very few of these if any)
- was/is playing control games which I have challenged/exposed, so has stonewalled me as attempt to cover it up (including labelling me as an abuser to justify their own abusive actions)
- was manipulated by a third party who sought to disable their support network of which I was included by persuading them I was a threat.

When you weigh up these three reasons, these are the questions you need to ask when stonewalling a person. Why am I stonewalling this person? And; Is the right thing to do for myself, the target and society at large, to explain to the person why they are being stonewalled?


A genuine healer heals the whole, holistically, rather than isolating components. You only cut out a cancer if it is definitely identified as a cancer and not a support. Most people are in real life situations which involve elements of both - we are beyond Disney Princess Syndrome which is a meme used for leverage. This is symptomatic of the society we live in as much as it is symptomatic of the cPTSD so many of us have as a result of trauma from the society we live in.

The Positivist Agenda is to create no more trauma and to heal that we have suffered, for the benefit of individual and community. Society is your enemy, Community is your friend. Community is holistic and non-exclusive. When it becomes so, it is no longer community, it is a sub-culture of Society. This is the only rational Humanistic approach we can take toward healing ourselves and others without harbouring fear and hatred toward specific individuals. We all know that fear and hatred are toxic.

Q. Who gains from fear and hatred?
A. Those who exploit others for personal gain.

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